Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A lake in panorama view

The last time I was by the lake I had this view:

Because I like to play around with photos and graphics software, I decided to make a panorama picture out of it. I took my HTC Magic and made these three Pictures:

At home it took me only a few clicks to create the final picture. I used the free software 'hugin' to join the single pictures. The use of the software is pretty simple, you load your images, set the camera angle (45° should be ok for a mobile phone camera) and press a button, the rest is done by the software. It's worth a look if you always wanted to create your own panorama pictures.

At the end I used 'gimp' to add the text and set the contrast to get a better effect. Et vóila, a professional looking panorama picture. By the way it's not allowed to use or distribute this picture in any way  without my permission.

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